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I was very honored, appreciative and thrilled to be approached and interviewed by and @etymnews , a wonderful, emerging feminist news website, about my work. It was a pleasure to meet Lucy Anna Gray through email, the website's editor, and I really enjoyed answering her questions, as it was helpful to view my work approach from a refreshing angle. There are many engaging articles covering a diverse array of feminist issues and artists' work on the website, definitely visit and read the excellent work on their website. What Lucy Anna Gray is doing is admirable and a much needed voice. Many thanks to Lucy Anna Gray and Etym ! :)

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The night before the Women's Marches everywhere, I was delightfully surprised to see my work posted on Sara Barnes' Instagram gallery. Sara is an incredibly talented artist, you can view her gorgeous work here. Her gallery and blog shows a vast array of riveting work by artists, and I felt very honored to have my work recognized in her gallery. Additionally, it was work that had to do with femininity and strength, and I am very touched that Sara felt it was a good fit for the events of the following day. Many thanks to Sara Barnes!