Illustrator Jane Sanders

At the end of May, I attended a lecture given by Lisa Congdon at Makeshift Society's new location in Brooklyn. It was an informative and fun lecture, many interesting and helpful questions were asked, and was well worth the 5 hour drive with heavy traffic from Boston! I met some incredibly nice and talented people at the lecture, and four of us wound up having a beer afterwards and discussed the evening's events. One of those people is the very talented, long time illustrator Jane Sanders. As we were exchanging cards, and I reluctantly handed out my dated graphic design card, I had a "whoa" reaction upon seeing the striking illustration samples on Jane's cards. Her illustrations are thoughtfully detailed, beautifully composed, full of great storytelling, and come across in an effortless manner—all trademarks of a very talented and experienced artist. Jane's work has many surprising details that one might not initially notice, but then one is delighted to encounter when further examining her work. Her characters have strong expressions, and there's a lot of movement in her work with people and animals positioned in highly expressive ways. There's also excellent typography in Jane's work. This crawfish dinner illustration is full of delightful details such as the pattern created by the newspapers, the newspapers being cropped to define the edge of the table, the varied and humorous facial characteristics of each person, and many other elements. Her masterful use of color is apparent throughout her work. Jane's imagery is the kind where there are new discoveries upon each viewing, and for those of us who like to nerd-out on drawing, learn a great deal about the art and craft of illustration. My spirits are lifted as soon as I view her images. Thanks very much to Jane for sharing her incredible work!