Global Talent Search from Lilla Rogers Studio

I decided to take the leap and enter the Lilla Rogers Studio Global Talent Search 2016. The entries are here, and if you have a chance, I would be very appreciative if you decided to place a vote for my illustration. The Gallery URL is:  Just to clarify, my name is Elizabeth Wood. The Illustration I submitted is in this post. :)

Here is some information on the competition. I was deeply honored and grateful to be selected as one of the semi-finalists. The quality and uniqueness of all of the submissions is breathtaking! I had a wonderful experience creating this work, and having the opportunity to draw and paint things I love, and that I hope bring happiness to others.

For the second round, we were asked to create a dessert cookbook cover for a fictional person Sunny Spindler, and we had to place specific wording for the title, etc. We were also asked to depict a café scene, or something more graphic design-like with images of desserts and/or people but not in a specific setting. Whatever approach we decided to take, we could style it however we wished.

I realized through creating this illustration how much I enjoy creating narratives in my work. I knew that sort of before-hand, but this cemented that realization. I truly enjoy drawing on my life experience such as adventurous shoestring travel, observing interesting people, their mannerisms, their dress, humor, my undergraduate background in Anthropology, animal companionship, my life-long love of drawing in a weird style, and a deep love of electric, happy, bold colors. I live in a sea side town, and I've spent most of my life living near the ocean. I have family and friends who surf, I've done a bunch of water sports myself, and I've had the opportunity to visit lots of welcoming, creative cafés nearby and far away, both by the sea and inland. It was so much fun to paint things that I love such as oars (their elegant shape is so beautiful and a friend of mine builds canoes and oars), ceramics (I'm a hobby ceramicist and used to work as a Production Assistant for a professional ceramicist), interesting people, adorably shaped fireplaces/wood burning stoves, doughnuts, anything round in shape, and animals. I tried to weave in some details from my first entry to bring some continuity to the work, so I added Bhutanese prayer flags, the man in the foreground is wearing a hat one might see in Bhutan and throughout the Himalayas, and some of the floral elements reference the style of that beautiful part of the world, but my settings transitioned from mountains (round one) to the sea (round two).

The people in the image are a combination of people I know and love, or who I've encountered in my travels. The barista/server/waiter is wearing a sweatshirt I own, and I briefly had my hair dyed opal/purple earlier this year. I tend to personalize my work in that manner where it's often done unconsciously.

In another post, I share more about my process and idea generation. Thanks so much for reading! :)